After Treatment Advice


Plenty of fresh water should be consumed immediately after a treatment and for a 24-48 hour period afterwards. The water will assist the body in the flushing through of any toxins that may have been stimulated by the treatment. It is recommended that we should all take at least eight glasses of water every day for healthy functioning. As an alternative herbal teas or fruit juice may be drunk.


A light diet only should be taken as the body will need to concentrate its efforts on detoxification and natural healing. Fresh, natural foods are best for the next couple of days and definitely avoid over-refined and processed foods that add to the toxicity of the body.


Both alcohol and smoking should be avoided for a couple of days after the treatment as these are obviously very toxic.


In order to assist the body to detoxify and assist its powers of recuperation and healing you should rest as much as possible after the treatment. Going back to the office straight after a relaxing treatment is not advisable as this ruins the good effect just achieved by the treatment. However, it is a case that you should go back to work ensure you get plenty of fresh air before going into the office.

Ultra Violet Exposure

Believe it or not this is actually quite “energy sapping”. You should not sunbathe for the rest of the day otherwise you may feel quite exhausted.


It is recommended that you rest for a while until you return to a near normal state before you inflict yourself onto fellow motorists.


Some simple relaxation and breathing exercises may be done in between treatments to help keep tension at bay. Relaxation tapes may be played to help you relax and unwind as well as taking a warm bath.

This is a general guide to after care for Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Indian Head and Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy). Of course if goes without saying, just be sensible.