Indian Head Massage

Benefits of an Indian Head Massage Treatment

Increases blood supply to scalp, head and neck
Increases nourishment and oxygen to hair follicle
Revitalises the whole body, giving a feeling of balance
Aids joint mobility
Relieves muscular pain and tension, relieves stress and depression
Improves muscle tone
Improves concentration
Relieves mental fatigue, increases alertness
Improves lymphatic drainage
Adhesions can be prevented or reduced

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage or “champissage” as it is known in India, is a rich tradition of family grooming, developed by women who used different oils, ie. coconut and almond to keep their hair strong and in beautiful condition.

Massage has played an important role in Indian life. Massage techniques have always been more valued for their healing applications and this has been passed down through time. Massage has always been one of the principle means of healing and relieving pain.

We all have a tendency to “live in our heads” building up excess
energy and tension there. Blockages in the chakra can easily occur, resulting in lines blemishes, headaches, migraine and eyestrain.
Chakras are energy channels which are connected to the nervoussystem.

Indian Head Massage is based on traditional and Indian techniques by using a variety of massage movements. Blood and lymphatic circulation is improved, tension is relieved and joint mobility can be improved.

Everyone needs to relax and escape. Indian Head Massage balances the body, relieves pressure and soothes away tension, so we can breathe, stand and move more freely. An Indian Head Massage is a most soothing and relaxing treatment.

A complete treatment involves the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back areas (clothing need not be removed if preferred). A full treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. The condition of the scalp and hair can also be helped especially when oils are used.

The chakra becomes balanced and you feel relaxed, energised and ready to cope with the stresses and strains of a busy life.

Reactions Following Treatment

There are no dangerous side effects to an Indian Head massage treatment. However in trying to establish a healthy balance various reactions may occur. This is known as a “healing crisis”, it is usually a result of waste matter being expelled and represents a natural and beneficial cleansing and detoxification of the system.

These are common reactions that may be experienced following a treatment and shows that the treatment is working. Do not try to suppress any reaction you may experience. It will only last for
12 – 24 hours if the aftercare is followed and it will not be troublesome.

Worsening of symptoms and current ailments – in order to heal, the body must rebalance, expel and suppress disorders. Your may well feel worse before feeling any better.

Headaches – normally if you suffer with headaches or migraine these often improve very quickly although occasionally as part of the healing process you may suffer one or two headaches.

Cleansing reactions – this is typically seen as a speeding up of the excretory systems such as passing more urine, increased bowel motions, spots or skin blemishes, rashes, or sweating.

Cold like symptoms – more mucus is often produced from the nose.A runny nose sore throat or nausea may all be evident.

Aching and soreness – your muscles may ache or feel sore immediately after a treatment or the following day, this is due to the release of toxins and the nerve fibres responding to deep tissue work.

Tiredness – again due to the release of toxins, it is the body’s way of allowing healing to occur.

Emotional state – it is not uncommon to feel tearful after a treatment or feel slightly depressed, this is due to the treatment releasing emotions held within the system. This is a positive state and is nothing to worry about.