Why Sugaring?

Some things you might like to know . . .

Sugaring is long-lasting, gentle on the skin and a natural alternative to other hair removal processes.

With regular use of Sugaring paste the hair growth diminishes.

Sugaring paste is simply made from sugar, water and lemon juice with no harmful chemicals. Wax contains resins, preservatives and petrochemicals.

Sugaring paste is heated gently and checked by the practitioner. Wax must be heated to a higher temperature to melt. This heat can cause swelling on the skin, potentially causing scarring and burns.

Sugaring paste is water soluble, it therefore dissolves easily in water so leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Wax requires chemical solvents to remove residues.

Sugaring paste does not stick to live skin cells, it only removes dead skin cells (therefore exfoliating). This means less discomfort for you and less trauma to the skin. Wax adheres directly to live skin cells which is painful and can cause irritation.

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